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Nazi Book Burning American Style


Facebook announces medical FASCISM rule: All content that contradicts the corrupt vaccine industry will be BANNED

Just as we've been predicting, Mark Zuckerberg's baby, Facebook, has decided to go all-in with fascist plans to censor all content on its platform that in any way questions the "holy grail" of vaccines.

In a formal announcement, Facebook clearly indicated that it's siding with "global health organizations" such as the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (C.D.C.), both of which have dubbed all honest skepticism about vaccine safety and effectiveness as "verifiable vaccine hoaxes."

"If these vaccine hoaxes appear on Facebook, we will take action against them," the announcement from Facebook reads, adding that "group or Page admin posts" that share "vaccine misinformation" will be excluded from Facebook's official "recommendations." Further, Facebook plans to "reduce these groups (sic) and Pages' distribution in News Feed and Search, and reject ads with this misinformation."

The drastic move comes after California Democrat Adam Schiff recently called on Facebook, Amazon, and various other Big Tech giants to allow only government-approved propaganda about vaccines to be shared, sold, or otherwise propagated on their platforms – an online "book burning," if you will.


Facebook Bans Zero Hedge
Over the weekend, we were surprised to learn that some readers were prevented by Facebook when attempting to share Zero Hedge articles. Subsequently it emerged that virtually every attempt to share or merely mention an article, including in private messages, would be actively blocked by the world's largest social network, with the explanation that "the link you tried to visit goes against our community standards."

Big tech's censorship of conservative users is alive and well

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