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TOP PRIORITIES for the Democrat Death Cult...

•, by: S.D. Wells

No, you are currently not reading a some sorry book report by a fifth grader with a twisted, dark imagination who doesn't understand the value of human life or the basic laws of physics. And no, you are not stuck in a chapter of George Orwell's "1984" fiction novel about the police state run amok.

This is America, where there are now two political parties vying for control. One is Republican, and the other is now run by Communists (who call themselves Socialists). The latter is really more of a death cult, with control (while organizing a coup) from inside the U.S. government, including moles in the FBI, CIA, and NSA (a.k.a. Deep State). This Death Cult wants all pregnant women to carry their babies to term, have them delivered, and then aborted that same day, all in the name of "Planned Parenthood." It's "good for the economy," we are told. Help prevent global warming, they say, or else the world will END in just 12 short years. (Al Gore said the same crap.)