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Great danger: Divers spot the world's largest ever recorded great white shark - 2.5 ton 'Dee

• By George Martin

'Deep Blue' was last spotted two decades ago in Mexico and is reportedly the largest great white in existence 

It weighs an enormous 2.5 tons, measures around 20 feet long and is 50 years old according to scientists

Conservation photographer Juan Oliphant was one of the divers who took daring photos near the predator 

For most it would bring back terrible memories of the scene from Jaws when the immortal line 'you're going to need a bigger boat' was uttered.  

But when a team of divers spotted the largest great white shark on the planet they only hesitated to grab their cameras before they jumped into the sea.

The enormous predator named Deep Blue is up to 50 years old, weights 2.5 tons and measures 20ft long. 

It was drawn to the water around Hawaii for what one diver described as an 'all you can eat buffet' - to feed on a dead sperm whale.