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Sean Hannity finally SNAPS when guest defends illegals


Fox News star Sean Hannity and contributor Dan Bongino snapped when guest Geraldo Rivera defended illegal immigration — and the Monday segment erupted into a screaming match when Geraldo refused to back down.

Hannity invited his guests to comment on the death of a Tennessee firefighter's son, Pierce Kennedy Corcoran, who was reportedly killed by 44-year-old illegal immigrant Franco Cambrany Francisco-Eduard in a head-on car accident on Dec. 29.

Francisco-Eduard allegedly swerved into oncoming traffic to cause the accident, and police have charged him with criminally negligent homicide and driving without a license or insurance. He is currently in ICE custody, Fox News reports.

Corcoran's parents appeared on Hannity's show Monday to talk about border security, and said their young son's death could have been prevented.

Bongino and Rivera's appearance on the show followed the grieving parents — and Rivera did not like what Hannity had to say.

"Their son is dead," Hannity told Rivera when he expressed support for illegal immigrants. "Or the people that also aid and abet these people with their sanctuary cities and sanctuary states, criminal aliens in our custody that are not handed over to ICE. You always say it's about both parties, it's not!"

"It's about one party now that refuses to protect the American people," Hannity said. "And, I didn't even mention drugs and I didn't mention human trafficking."

Geraldo extended his condolences to the family, but said it's not important that the alleged killer of their son is an illegal immigrant.

"I would feel equally upset and pained by their tragedy were the killer Irish or Italian or Puerto Rican or Jewish, or old or young. I think that to use these tragedies to try to make a political point is not useful at this point," Geraldo said.