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The US Treasury's Hammer: The Exchange Stabilization Fund

• by Pye Ian

"That's no moon", exclaimed the late great Sir Alec Guinness as the sorcerously prescient, Force-dripping Obi Wan.

Well the modern day equivalent of the Death Star's punitive, insidious laser beam, in macro-financial and thus geopolitical terms, is the seemingly, innocuously named Exchange Stabilization Fund – or ESF – technically situated at the US Treasury Department, yet nonetheless a core, leading, sweeping & integrated weapon within the collective arsenal of what's come to be known as The Deep State, or discretely regimented shadow government & financial apparatus behind the script-obedient politicians and bureaucrats you're used to seeing on the TV.  Benignly founded upon the enactment of The Gold Exchange Act of 1934, as a result of the government's 1933 confiscation of physical gold from the populace, the ESF was initially funded with $3 billion in Great Depression-era money from the upward revaluing of sequestered gold.  That figure has festered over the past 84 years into trillions of dollars of secret, unaccountable war chest capital at the disposal of conflict makers & profiteers, tactical currency manipulators, economic sanctions & tariff enactors, commodity price raiders & fixers, systematic cross border drug runners, economic hitmen, fiduciary global crisis actors, fiat money value alchemists & other adherents to the Dark Side of the Force … all toward 'squaring off of the globe' in sacred geometry terms, for you Hermetic students.