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5 November ?" Guy Fawkes and the story that could have changed the world

•, Caxton Central

Fireworks, especially the irresponsible use of fireworks, should be strongly discouraged given their intensely negative impact on vulnerable animals. But exercising restraint shouldn't mean forgetting the incredible story behind Guy Fawkes and the notorious "Gunpowder Plot".

On a cold night, thousands of kilometres away, hundreds of years ago, a group of 13 daring conspirators sought to commit the most ambitious act of terrorism England had ever seen…

A brief explainer of why Guy Fawkes Night has persisted for over 400 years

1570 – Queen Elizabeth I was excommunicated from the Catholic Church by Pope Pius V, further entrenching the religious divide in England – and ensuring the persecution of Catholics.

1603 – After three decades of conducting mass in private and enduring crippling fines for not attending Protestant services, Catholics approach King James VI of Scotland, before his ascension to the English throne (becoming James I), to secure rights for the religiously persecuted. James agrees, but later reneges, thereby inciting the wrath of Robert Catesby – the man who conceived of the plot to assassinate the King, all his Bishops and the majority of the aristocracy by blowing up the English parliament during its opening ceremony in 1605.