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Did 80,000 Americans REALLY Die From the Flu or Is This Big Pharma Propaganda to Push the Flu Shot?


The New York Times is reporting that 80,000 Americans died of the flu last winter and that it's the highest death toll yet. Scary articles like these are thinly veiled attempts to push Americans into the vaccine regime (get your flu shots or your going to die!) out of fear, panic, and hysteria. Maybe it is the highest death toll yet, however, there is more than meets the eye.

The Big Pharma-media-government conglomerate has a lot staked in keeping you unwell, scared and dependent. Frightened, self-doubting, and unhealthy people are much easier to control.

But first, it's not just about money…

A lot of people point to the billions that Big Pharma rakes in annually as a reason for why they push their drugs and don't care about injuries and death that could result from them: vaccines, opioids, antidepressants, etc.

Sure, but money is just a tool for a bigger goal.

This desire for omnipotence is what drives the vaccine marketing campaigns. Why else would there be cohesive actions among giant multinational corporations, the government, and the media? Did you know that most University medical research is brought to you by pharmaceutical companies? Think of how much power an entity wields over the masses if it can control the flow of information and its perception.

What other companies enjoy tax-funded compensation courts just for the injuries caused by their product instead of allowing injury victims to sue the manufacturers themselves?

If you are injured or die from vaccination, you cannot sue the vaccine makers or the medical practice you rely on. Once it's done, all responsibility thereafter is dumped on the person who allowed themselves to get the vaccine. This is one of the few examples where consumers have few rights and the sellers have too much leverage over the individual. Many employees don't even have basic rights over the bodies while they are at work anymore…

The media steamrolls the public with questionable death toll numbers of people who succumbed to the flu. Sadly, they downplay the numbers of vaccine injuries such as the 4250% increase in fetal deaths that occurred after flu vaccines were deemed "safe" for pregnant women…

Big Pharma Propaganda Tactics

Fear: Pumped up death toll statistics and horror stories. (See below.)

Lies and astroturfing:

Think those viral Facebook posts are organic? Is that a real Facebook comment or a paid troll? Check out this short talk by journalist Sharyl Attkisson about Big Pharma's astroturfing to trick consumers.


Attempting to make everyone feel responsible for everyone else's health ("herd immunity") when in actuality, the myth of vaccine effectiveness has created a lack of self-responsibility in society. And herd immunity is a misfire because it was based on a different premise than what's presented, not vaccination. Although Big Pharma makes people feel they've "done their part" for society when they vaccinate, they've actually outsourced their own and everyone else's health without fully comprehending the dire consequences to health.


Calling Flu a Season Like It's a Foregone Conclusion – Last time I checked, we only have four seasons. Flu and flu-like illnesses can happen at any time. The flu is not a season…

Get Your Flu ShotMy flu shot? No, that's your flu shot, Big Pharma. It doesn't belong to me and I'm not buying it.

Emotional Warfare:

Vaccine-pushing trolls use horror stories and graphic imagery to sway "undeciders" to go ahead and vaccinate.

It's been admitted before that medical workers are prompted to emotionally push parents into vaccinating their children in order to "train" them into coming back for "wellness" visits and that the vaccines in the first year of life are meaningless to the underdeveloped immune system.