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Swedes Are Taking the Mark of the Beast In Great Numbers


The Swedes have lost their collective minds. They are allowing their country to embrace the fact that they are going to spend a billion dollars facilitating more Muslim immigration into their country. The citizens of Sweden, however, are about to lose a lot more than a billion dollars. They are about to lose their collective souls.

Will the Swedish Microchip Usher In the Dark Days of the Anti-Christ?

In Revelation 14:9,10, the Bible clearly warns and tells us that everyone in the world will at the end of man;s rule on earth, have either the mark of God or the mark of the beast. Further, there will be those sinners that will have the mark of the beast "on the forehead or on the hand…will drink of the wine of God's fury".

Most Bible-believing Christians associate the mark of the beast with a microchip or an embedded tattoo. Others believe the mark will take the form of a national ID card. Remember, the Bible commands that no one can buy or sell without Satan's mark.

According to the Bible's scripture contained in Leviticus 19:28, a chip or a tattoo is not the mark of the beast. In fact, the Lord forbade His children to wear tattoos and other marks on their bodies. While the microchip is not the mark of the beast, it may be used by the "beast" to control the people of the earth so that only those the follow the beast will be able to buy or sell. These two passages have Biblical scholars debating what is the Mark of the Beast. However, it is clear that the Swedes are playing with spiritual fire and are inviting the judgment of God.

It is clear that in  Deuteronomy 6:6-8,God's law forbids following the beast or one will lose their soul for eternity.

The Swedes are enthusiastically embracing the widespread personal acceptance of the Mark of the Beast. I am still doing a double take on this shocking fact.

The Practical Application

Like it or not, the Swedes are trading their spiritual beliefs for convenience as the chip can be used to buy products, book a flight or even gain entrance to a health club.However, there are some hidden dangers according to microbiologist, Ben Libberton.