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India and World's economic problem of people with IQ below 83

•, By brian wang

* the military is highly motivated to bring as many people as possible into the organization
* the military has used 100 years of statistical analysis to determine that bringing in people with IQ below 83 is a net negative
* if the military is as cognitively complex as the rest of society, then this means US society has a problem determining what to do with 10% of the population

India and Africa have more with IQ below 83 because of brain damage from malnutrition and disease

Nextbigfuture will point out with global economic competition that India, large parts of Africa and some other nations that have problems with malnutrition, high disease levels and stunting cause less brain development and lifelong IQ loss. This increases the number of people with IQ below 83 sometimes as high as 50% or more.

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