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Crypto Funded Public Genomics


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There are two important reasons to do this.

1)Cannabis Patents are now issuing and are very broad. Any plant that makes CBDA and THCA are now covered by this patent. These are called Type II Cannabis plants.

Many people claim to have Type II plants still alive today that predate the 2013 filing of the patent. In fact Type II plants are believed to be the natural Hardy Weinberg state of the THCA/CBDA genetics. Prohibition incentivized humans to breed toward Type I plants that make all THCA and no CBDA. Fortunately we published the genome of a Type I plant in 2011 to assist in prior art generation and public ownership of Type I plants. By placing the sequence of a Type II plant public, we can help enable the community to sequence their documented Pre-2013 Type II plants. They can then compare their sequence to this public reference to document the Bt:Bd allele (mentioned in some of the claims). This will assist in building a Prior Use Exemption and more public evidence for the invalidity of the claims.

2)Peer Review is broken and DASH can fix it. 50% of Scientific journals can't be reproduced. The journals with the higher impact factor have a higher retraction rate. The incentives are based on costly and rusty Gutenberg era publishing economics. The cost of publication is near zero today. Crypto-incentivized, Blockchain transparent peer review will dis-intermediate this market and re-align the incentive models for higher accuracy, more transparency and faster turn around times.

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