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Three-fingered 'mummified creatures' found with elongated skulls in Peru are aliens...


They have largely been dismissed as a hoax by the scientific community, 

And yet, it seems, conspiracy theorists are still fascinated by the 'three fingered mummies' with elongated heads that were found in Peru last year. 

Now, one Russian 'expert' claims he has done DNA tests to prove they are not human. 

Dr Konstantin Korotkov, a professor of Computer Science and Biophysics at Saint-Petersburg Federal University believes the mummies are 'aliens'.   

Dr Korotkov is no stranger to controversy. He was widely criticised in 2008 when he claimed to have created a camera that could photograph the human soul.

One of the mummies, known as Maria, was found by a team led by controversial Mexican journalist Jamie Maussan in early 2017.

The conspiracy group drew attention to the body's deformed head and elongated fingers in a short documentary on the discovery.

Dr Korotkov of Saint-Petersburg University said at the time the features were not a deformity and that the find was 'another creature, another humanoid.'