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The War Powers Act requires a Senate vote. Lawmakers should not duck their responsibility.

The unlikely alliance of progressive Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and constitutional conservative Sen.. Mike Lee, R-Utah, has presented the Senate with an unprecedented opportunity to end the unauthorized U.S. involvement on the ill-advised Saudi Arabia-led side of the civil war in Yemen. The senators introduced legislation last week to stop the United States from continuing to take sides in a civil war which has plunged millions of Yemenis into starvation and undermines America's security.

Unlike most measures in Congress that expire without ever being considered, this resolution invokes the War Powers Resolution, affording it a special "privileged" status. Under this 1973 law, the full Senate is required to consider the resolution on the floor in the coming days. Every senator will soon have to decide whether they support continuing America's role in this unauthorized and counterproductive war.