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The Growing Influence Of The Internet Of Things

•, by Paul Mashegoane

The world is at an intersection of changing our everyday lives through Internet of Things (IoT), the failure thereof will stand us at risk of cybersecurity vulnerability will ever experience.

One of the core discussion when we attend Board meetings today, risk is one of the main agenda pieces that gets gray headed business leaders who know less about technology being engaged in this subject.

However, IoT is one of the best things which are currently unfolding, with many devices getting connected via the internet to send and receive data, and further perform functions remotely.

There is a phenomenon of sensors in IoT that is gaining mileage of late.

Let's take it from a relatable scenario, a family of six in Belgium – they have an internet enabled refrigerator which has sensors that take account of everything in there from fruits, refreshments, cake and milk etc. Since milk is one of the most used items for their breakfast cereal, when the milk reaches low levels, refrigerator using a database to understand the demographics of the household, it knows that there are six people who are about to go dry.