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Congress Quietly Passed A Bill Allowing Warrantless Searches of Homes -

• by Rachel Blevins

A bill that will allow homes to be searched without a warrant was passed with overwhelming support by the United States Congress, and signed into law by President Trump—and it happened with no media coverage and very little fanfare.

On the surface, House Joint Resolution 76 looks harmless. The title of the bill claims that its purpose is "Granting the consent and approval of Congress for the Commonwealth of Virginia, the State of Maryland, and the District of Columbia to enter into a compact relating to the establishment of the Washington Metrorail Safety Commission."

"Whereas the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, an interstate compact agency of the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the State of Maryland, provides transportation services to millions of people each year, the safety of whom is paramount; Whereas an effective and safe Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority system is essential to the commerce and prosperity of the National Capital region; Whereas the Tri-State Oversight Committee, created by a memorandum of understanding amongst these 3 jurisdictions, has provided safety oversight of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority."

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Comment by Ed Price
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Better re-read what it says. "... including, without limitation, property owned or occupied by the federal government..." Did it say private property anywhere? No. All that is included is "... property owned or occupied by the federal government..." This doesn't mean that some judge or other administration officer won't attempt to deceive uneducated people into believing something else.