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$200 Scorkl offers 10 minutes of underwater breathing

• by Mike Hanlon

It is small, lightweight and you can pump it up yourself, meaning it is a one-time-cost to be able to swim underwater for 10 minutes at a time, or hang a couple of Scorkls on your belt and go much longer. The Scorkl regulator is always-on, so it is a breathe-on-demand system which combines with a built-in pressure gauge which tells you how much air is left at any time.

The Scorkl compact breathing device launches today on Kickstarter, with pledges starting at US$200. If you don't have a compressor to recharge the Scorkl, there's a $200 high pressure pump available so you can fill it yourself.

Hence the $400 outlay is a one-time-cost to enable you to swim underwater for 10 minutes forever more.