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Meet PatriotHole, the Onion's New Right-Wing-Skewering Mockery Machine

• Wired by Angela Watercutter

Sometime this morning, The Onion's spinoff brand ClickHole became PatriotHole, a new site promising to provide a "loud light in the darkness." True to claim, the site features a color—a shade of '70s chain-restaurant orange Breitbart News readers might recognize—as loud as its voice and an attitude much like that angry uncle you ignore on Facebook. It was all so very, very Onion.

PatriotHole, according to a welcome post, presents "the internet's last stand against the tyranny of Leftist Media" and offers an online haven for anyone with an InfoWars bumper sticker. "We felt that ClickHole wasn't reaching its beautiful click potential because it was marginalizing these groups in this growing market of people who like to say things louder than normal people," says Editor in Chief Matt Powers. "Our audience was too quiet and we wanted to court the loud people. So ClickHole has boldly become PatriotHole in this climate where volume equals truth and truth equals clicks."