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Curious Positions on "The Law": Reflections on "A Pile of Crap"

•, Mish

Some comments were on "The Law" and others cited facts about the Ninth Circuit Court. One person cited a recent article from Hoover.Org.

Let's address those emails and comments in light of the fact that Trump has backed down from taking the case to the Supreme Court.

On Friday, the Financial Times reported Trump Says No Rush to Appeal Travel-Ban Ruling, May Issue New Order.

In defense of Trump, that appears to be a BS news headline. I can find no Tweet nor any other reference where Trump said "no rush" except for references that point back to that headline from the FT.

It would have been very damaging to the Trump case had he said there was no need to rush given the urgency he placed on the ban.

The FT is making up news headlines. With that bit of mainstream media fake news out of the way, let's consider other viewpoints.