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Senate Begins Process To Repeal Obamacare

• by Tyler Durden

Now, before he's even taken office, the Senate has started preparations for a repeal of Obama's single crowning piece of legislation, the Affordable Care Act.

Moments ago, the Senate Budget Committee Chairman Mike Enzi released a 2017 budget resolution setting up the process to partially repeal Obamacare early in President-elect Donald Trump's administration. The Senate will consider the bare-bones budget on the floor starting this week with votes expected next week.  Once the House and Senate agree on a resolution a reconciliation bill repealing parts of Obamacare could proceed. 

Of course, using the reconciliation process allows Republicans to avoid a Democratic filibuster in the Senate which is the same process that Democrats used to pass the controversial legislation in the first place.

This news follows a pair of tweets from Trump earlier this morning declaring that "Obamacare just doesn't work."