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Just Gonna Say It: A Lot of People Think Hillary is Dead…


A growing conspiracy surrounding Hillary's epic fall on 9/11/16 is that she actually died and they are holding off announcement until the last possible moment that they have to for political purposes.

An interesting theory… Lets look at the evidence, shall we?

It's been pointed out that the entire set up around what happened on 9/11 at the memorial on the anniversary at Ground Zero looks as if Hillary is meant to seem as sick as possible… a weird move for a presidential candidate who is battling rumors about her poor health.

She's wearing striking blue sunglasses that many have pointed out are worn by people with Parkinson's Disease for treatment of dyskinesia tremors.

It's a well-known fact that's what blue lenses like that are for. She also wore hardly any makeup, which is strange considering how much Hillary normally wears at such widely publicized events like this one.

Next you have her "date" for the day:

The woman she's walking with is not, contrary to popular belief, her personal nurse but it's obvious by looking at how the woman was clutching Hillary's arm with both hands which is why people thought that. She's holding Hillary like a light breeze might knock her down. The woman is a PR firm bigwig and former Hillary aide:

Christine Falvo was a senior adviser at Foggy Bottom from July 2009 until January 2010, when Hillary was secretary of state, and also served as a special assistant to the Democratic nominee from 2001 to 2007, when Clinton was New York's junior senator.

As a public relations person, it's strange that Falvo would clutch Hillary like she's a sick, frail old woman… if the campaign wanted to give the impression Hillary is healthy, that is. Of course, if they wanted to make sure she looked as sick as possible, then it makes more sense. (That, or Hillary really is frail enough that a light breeze might knock her down…) The fall itself was captured perfectly without anyone attempting to block the view by a man who just so happened to be standing super close to Hillary throughout the event as well, nearly so close he could reach out and touch her.

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