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Texas Lawyer Ordered To Watch What He 'Prays' For On Facebook

•, By L.P. Phillips

It starts with Waxahachie lawyer Mark Griffith, who  doesn't mind telling anyone he prays for help before court, during a trial and on Facebook.

It's the Facebook part that is at issue, another new twist in the odd world that social media has created.

Twice, in separate trials, the Ellis County District Attorney's office has convinced judges to stop Griffith from posting running commentary of a trial in his prayers on Facebook.

"No lawyer is allowed to make running commentary in the public forum regarding witnesses, the character of witnesses, the opinion of the guilt or innocence of defendants or suspects in criminal cases." said Patrick Wilson, Ellis County District Attorney.  He claims it's basic legal ethics.

The argument doesn't hold water with Griffith.  He contends his office has a history of tweaking the DA in criminal cases, and he sees the argument over his prayers on Facebook as an effort by the District Attorney's office to throw him off balance.