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Texas Governor Wants to Make Disrespecting Police an Official Hate Crime


Texas Governor Greg Abbott said he wants the Texas legislature to pass a bill next year that would make disrespect and attacks on police an official hate crime, joining a number of politicians across the country who are jumping on the "Blue Lives Matter" bandwagon.

Abbott also wants to strengthen penalties for crimes against law enforcement officers even when the incident wouldn't qualify as a hate crime, KWTX reports. Abbott says Texas, "will no longer tolerate disrespect for those who serve."

The question in regard to the potential slippery slope of these laws is what exactly constitutes "disrespect" towards police that would officially cross into "hate crime" territory? Resisting arrest?

Meanwhile, although events like those that took place in Dallas are shocking, they are also very rare. This country's police brutality against the people is off the charts, and there is no special criminal designation for that. We didn't even have an official database on the number of American citizens killed by cops until recently.