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Review: Universe2go is your personal augmented reality planetarium


Universe2go tackles this task with a clever augmented reality headset and smartphone app package that instantly turned us into aspiring astronomers when we tried it out for this review.

Universe2go looks a little like a virtual reality headset, but it actually uses mirrors and a top-loading compartment where you place your Android or iPhone screen-down to overlay a starmap and other images on your field of view. Using your phone's GPS and gyroscope, the app is able to know what part of the night sky you're looking at and project the same section of its starmap over the celestial bodies you can (or can't) see in real time.

The app places a target in your field of view that allows you to "aim" your gaze at certain heavenly objects. Target a certain star, nebula or planet and a small pop-up window gives you fast facts on the object. "Lock on" to the most notable objects and constellations for a few seconds and you'll trigger one of over three hours worth of audio explanations on what you're looking at.