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Moox is part bike, part scooter


If you can't decide which one is more appropriate to your type of riding … well, you might want to get a Moox Bike. It's a bicycle/scooter combo, with a little bit of fatbike thrown into the mix for good measure.

 If you're thinking that the Moox looks familiar, it may be because you're remembering the City PIBAL Streamer. It's also a scooter/bike hybrid, that's being manufactured by Peugeot for a bike-sharing program in Bordeaux, France. If you don't live in Bordeaux, then the Moox is probably your best bet for riding such a beast.

As can be seen, it has both a seat with a set of pedals, and a foot platform that the rider can stand on while kicking their way along. Unlike the PIBAL, it also has beefy 20 x 4-inch tires and heavy-duty mechanical disc brakes. Despite appearances, its fork is in fact rigid, not suspended.