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This Mega-Structure Sucks CO2 Emissions Out of Thin Air


You've probably been drowning in all the news about global warming. The fact of the matter is, our carbon pollution is currently damaging our ecosystem and causing great concern for future generations.  Some might think that global warming is irreversible but this Canadian start-up, Carbon Engineering has created a modular series of carbon capture filters, claiming it can extract ambient carbon out of thin air.

The video explains the rationale and motivation behind direct capture of CO2 from the atmosphere (air capture), the air capture process itself, and what Carbon Engineering is doing to commercialize air capture in today's economy.

According to their website:

Air capture of CO2 enables large facilities to manage emissions from any source or location so that industrial economies of scale can be applied to the large fraction of emissions that come from distributed and mobile sources such as vehicles, airplanes, and buildings. Air capture can provide pure CO2 at point of demand for industrial use,  and atmospheric CO2 can be used via multiple production pathways to manufacture ultra-low emissions fuels.