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A British crew recovered £34 million worth of silver coins from a ship sunk in 1942

• Business Insider

This month, a British-led salvage team announced that it had recovered several tons of the silver coins at a world-record depth of 5,150 meters (16,896 feet).

The silver coins are worth an estimated £34 million ($50 million), according to The Telegraph.

The recovery effort was led by Deep Ocean Search, which started looking for the shipwreck in November 2011. SS City Cargo was travelling from Bombay to England when it was sunk by U-68, leading to the death of 104 people in the weeks after.

The weather and the ship's presumed depth made the search challenging. The ship was finally located, buried under meters of mud and broken in two, according to DOS.

"Many items were seen on and around the wreck including the end section of the second torpedo, where the contra-rotating propellers could clearly be seen," DOS explained in a news release.