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Is a Cancer Cure Being Suppressed?


It was April Fools' Day 2007 and an op-ed article published by The New York Times entitled "Patents Over Patients" by Ralph Moss, noted critic of the cancer industry.  But there was no fooling about what Mr. Moss wrote about.  He chastised the cancer industry for ignoring an off-the-shelf molecule initially produced in the 1940s called 3-bromopyruvate (3-BP) that had been found to dramatically reduce the growth of human tumors implanted in animals and has produced remarkable cures in a small number of human cases but had yet to be tested in a human trial.  That was seven years ago.  The initial animal lab discovery was published in 2004. That was 10 years ago.

A decade has passed since that first animal lab experiment and humanity is still waiting for a human trial to commence in what may be THE CURE for cancer. The delays seem to be more commercial than scientific.  Researchers have scrambled to make patentable analogs (synthetic look-alike molecules) that work better or at least do the same thing.  It appears millions of cancer patients may be needlessly dying while researchers battle it out on the commercial front to gain patents.