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Anti-Interventionism and Its Discontents


The ISIS crisis has given the War Party a new lease on life ? or so they want us to believe. It seems like only yesterday that they were in the doldrums, and with good reason: their Syrian adventure was aborted after a long propaganda buildup ? thanks to a cry of outrage from the American people ? and they've been chafing at the bit ever since.

This setback, combined with all the polls showing how disgusted the American people are with our foreign policy of global intervention, coincided with the rise of the man Politico magazine recently called the country's most interesting politician: Sen. Rand Paul, Republican of Kentucky. It was Rand who was one of the leading voices against our disastrous intervention not only in Syria but also in Libya ? where, today, jihadists cavort in our former embassy as they decimate that woefully "liberated" land.