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Strike Cam lets you get shots of the ones that got away – and that didn't

•, By Ben Coxworth

As you may have guessed, the Strike Cam is simply a waterproof video camera that sits between the end of the main fishing line and the lure leader. Users just press its one button to start recording, then leave it rolling as they fish.

Its lens points at the lure, getting a shot of it and the water around it. Any fish that gets close to that lure gets in the picture, too. The idea is that besides documenting missed catches, the footage will also allow users to better understand things such as how fish react to different lures, how they fight when hooked, and how they school.

The camera is submersible to 30 feet (10 m), shoots at just 480p/30fps, and records 2.5 to 3 hours of AVI video per charge of its integrated battery. It can be removed from the rest of the rig for recharging, and for the uploading of footage via USB to a computer.