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Ron Paul: Neocon Krauthammer Wrong on Russia/China Trade Deal


"It's almost as if he is terrified that peace may be breaking out," said Dr. Paul.

The neocons believe that the US bullying the rest of the world is very good, said Dr. Paul, because we have to spread American exceptionalism around the world. We don't want to look like we are a weak nation.

But that approach to the world is not strength, Paul says. It is actually a sign of insecurity and inferiority that the US government feels compelled to either buy its friends or bomb those who refuse the US bribes.

The neocon mindset is incapable of considering that security, peace, and prosperity do not depend solely on foreign submission to US bombs or bribes.

Dr. Paul zeroes in on what is really bugging Krauthammer about the Russia/China deal: his fear that the US military budget will not continue to rise at the neocon-preferred level.