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Vegans powered by raw food complete year of daily marathons

•, By Jonathan Pearlman
 A couple in their 60s have finished running a marathon each day, every day, for the past year.

The pair ate up to 30 bananas each a day as they completed a trek of almost 10,000 miles around Australia.

The couple, both raw vegans from New Zealand, ended their journey with an extra marathon to their home in Melbourne at 5am on New Year's Day to set the world record.

Janette Murray-Wakelin, 64, and Alan Murray, 68, rose at 4am each day and ran 366 consecutive marathons with no days off, covering almost 10,000 miles as they ran around the Australia mainland and the island state of Tasmania.

Ms Wakelin-Murray said she was looking forward to a day off and planned to sleep in, do some gardening and spend time with her grandchildren – but planned to run the following day.
"You don't stop doing something that works," she told Fairfax Media, adding she was not exhausted and could "run forever".

During the run, the pair skirted a cyclone, floods, a bushfire and a hail storm near Perth, during which they took a half-hour break and drank a vegetable smoothie before continuing through the heavy weather.