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'Noah' trailers: Russell Crowe fights natural disasters of biblical proportions -- VIDEO


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Comment by Ed Price
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Interesting, but, it would be nice to see this movie more the way that things really were at the time. Points about how it really was:

1. There had been no rain on the earth before the flood. All water came from the mists and from rivers and streams.

2. The "city" of Atlantis was really a massive, worldwide trading system. The exact location of the Atlantis home is unknown. But Robert Klein has often pointed out that there were many copies of the Atlantis home worldwide. The point? Things were not as backward as they appear in the movie. There may not have been things like cars and airplanes (and maybe there were), but some of the methods of construction were more advanced that we have today. Consider the Great Pyramid and the pyramids of Bosnia, and in the Caribbean off Cuba. We would have a hard time duplicating them... if we even could.

3. The real Noah lived to be 950. He was 600 at the time of the flood. The point? People were physically much healthier in those days that any of us are today. The building of the ark by Noah and his sons would have been something much more accomplishable then than now, by 4 guys and their wives.

4. The ark was coated with pitch, inside and out, by Noah at God's command. What is pitch? It is tree sap, usually from pine trees. What does pitch become over thousands of years? It becomes amber. Look up amber and see why the ark just might still be around somewhere, because it could be preserved in amber.

5. The mindset of the people before the flood was entirely different than we can imagine. Sure, there was the idea trade. Sure people got married. Sure there was all the evil that is prevalent today. But there was also great health and physical strength - virtually unimaginable. This would make the idea of cars something that people wouldn't need... because they could walk or run anywhere without getting tired.

6. The people all recognized the validity of the fact that God exists. They spurned Him, just like they are doing today. But they knew He exists. They didn't have ignorance about Him like we often do.

7. The exact meaning behind the terms "clean animals" and "unclean animals" is uncertain. However, it seems that most domesticated animals fell into the category of clean, while most wild animals fell into the category of unclean. Let it be known that the number of unclean animals taken into the ark were 2 pair. Two pair = 2 males and their females. The clean animals taken in were 7 pair, that is 7 males and the mate of each.

If you want to read about the way things were in the times before the flood, read from the beginning of Genesis thru Genesis chapter 5. If you want to see the real Noah, read chapters 6 thru 9. If you want to see the beginnings of our present world - which had been totally demolished by the flood (except that things like the pyramids have not been completely destroyed) - keep reading Genesis chapter 10 and onward. It is fascinating.