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Flax Seed Oil

•, By Margaret Durst
 Flax seed is high in beneficial omega 3 oils which are the “good” fats that are missing from the standard American diet. In addition to the oil, the fiber and the lignans from the ground seed are also good for you.
Here are just some of the benefits of flax seed oil. For the cardiovascular system, flax seed oil helps to prevent atherosclerosis and abnormal blood clotting. It also helps to lower blood pressure and helps to prevent heart attacks. Flax seed oil helps lower total cholesterol by up to 9 percent and helps to lower LDL cholesterol by as much as 18 percent.
For the hair, flax seed oil can help alleviate hair loss and dandruff while helping the hair look shinier. For the eyes, flax seed oil helps to improve eyesight and color perception.

For the immune system, flax seed oil is used in orthomolecular treatment of AIDS. It alleviates some allergies and inhibits the growth of some cancers. Flax is a key component of Dr. Biudwig’s cancer program.

Flax seed oil helps with certain forms of lupus. It also helps lower the amount of insulin needed by diabetics.