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Fraunhofer Lab Debuts Healthful Ice Cream Made from Flowers Instead of Milk

• Rebecca Boyle via

It’s been brutally hot here in the Midwest, with heat indices hovering in the 110-112 range for the past few days and signs pointing to another heat wave this weekend. So this new flower-based ice cream from Fraunhofer Labs sounds mighty appealing.

It has no dairy, gluten, animal fats or protein, and it’s cholesterol-free, says Fraunhofer. The ice cream is now on sale at a German supermarket chain.

“Lupinesse,” as it’s called, is derived from the seeds of the blue sweet lupin, known in this country as lupine. They flower as tall, thin rods — Texas bluebonnet is a lupine, for instance. The blue sweet lupin, which is indigenous to Europe, has a particularly high-protein seed, which is important for developing a creamy consistency, Klaus Mueller of the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV in Freising, Germany, said in a press release. The protein also has cholesterol-regulating effects, he said.