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Another example of why only physical gold or silver IN HAND is what to buy

• Denver Channel 9 News

"He would send me an account saying, 'You now have 42 coins and your worth $400,000,'" Lane said.

Statements would come frequently showing his investment had increased. Lane says one statement showed his account increased in value to $700,000.

He says the statements kept coming, but the gold coins didn't. Lane says all he got were email excuses from Burg.

"As soon as the money is released, you will be the first to get your money or coins," Burg wrote in an email which Lane provided to 9Wants to Know.

Eugene, Ore. resident Christine Renoux had a similar experience when she and her family say they invested $35,000 with Burg. Renoux says she hasn't received the gold coins Burg promised.

"I've been crying. I've been begging. My oldest child doesn't trust me anymore," Renoux told 9Wants to Know during a Skype interview from her home. "She says, 'How could you do that?'"

9Wants to Know discovered the Renoux and Lane families are only some of the people claiming to be Burg's victims.

Extensive searches of consumer complaint websites, court documents, property records and information 9NEWS obtained from the National Archives reveal people who claim Burg stole their money are located in Colorado, Oregon, Florida, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, California, Illinois and Texas.

Burg's former clients say, in total, he owes them more than $1 million.

Some of Burg's past clients have won lawsuits against him in court, but say Burg doesn't pay them the money ordered by a judge.