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Losing Faith (In The U.S. Economy)

People need to start thinking about becoming less dependent on "the system" however they can. One way to insulate yourself against rising food prices is to learn how to grow your own food. Even if you only have a very small amount of room you can still grow your own food. For example, there is one family that is actually producing 6000 pounds of produce on just 1/10th of an acre right in the middle of Pasadena, California. Just because we have lost some of the basic skills that previous generations possessed doesn't mean that we can't get them back. Back during World War II, "victory gardens" enabled Americans to grow 40 percent of all the vegetables that they needed. Those gardens greatly contributed to the war effort and helped Americans get through some very difficult times. There are a lot of preppers out there that are totally out of debt, that own their own land, that are entirely off the electrical grid and that grow most of their own food. Many Americans would look at such people as "crazies" but those preppers will be in a much better position than most people when the economy totally collapses. Don't wait until it is too late to prepare. Millions of Americans are completely losing faith in our economic system. People are smart. They can see that we are living in the biggest debt bubble in the history of the world. They can see that the guts of our economic infrastructure are being ripped out and shredded. They can see that the number of people living in poverty continues to increase year after year. They can see the the number of good jobs continues to decrease year after year. When you see a horrible storm coming the rational thing to do is to prepare.