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Relentless Dollar Pummeling Continues

At the current rate of collapse, in a few more days the dollar will take out all time lows. Currently holding at 73, after hitting 72.8 overnight, the DXY appears set to test the last support from when the dollar carry trade was all the rage again back in 2008. Of course, for that to happen crude will have to be north of $130, which not even the most incompetent CNBC pundits will be able to spin as positive for corporations (let along the US consumer). It will also mean that any opex inspired corrections in precious metals will not be a frequently recurring phenomenon. But at least Bernanke's plan of inflation our way out of insolvency through a complete currency devaluation is working: after all for all who listened to the Bernanke conference, the only way to rescue the flailing dollar, is first to kill it...