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Cloned "Frankenfoods" To Be Sold Without Labels In Europe

Milk and meat from cloned animals’ offspring could soon be on sale without any warning labels, shoppers were warned last night. The European Commission is threatening to force through the change – with the backing of the British Government. The alarm was raised by the European consumer group, BEUC, whose director general, Monique Goyens, said: ‘Consumers must be able to know and choose what they eat.’ Currently, it is illegal to sell meat or milk from clone animals or their offspring in the UK. Anyone who wishes to do so would have to apply for permission from the Food Standards Agency. The European Commission takes the view that food from the offspring of clones should be allowed into the high street without any labels or the need for approval. The Commission opposes the sale of food from clones themselves, however the UK government has no objection. Both European and UK scientists have highlighted a lack of research to ensure food safety. Animal welfare groups have identified serious welfare problems for the clones, including deformed organs and gigantism.