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The number of babies born in Japan last year also fell for the seventh consecutive year, dropping below 800,000 for the first time since records began in 1899 to 770,747, down 40,875 from the previous year, according to the data released by the Minis

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Low births in the US is why Biden is letting all those illegal aliens in. Why are they needed? Their job earnings will be taxed, so that the IRS gets enough money for government debt repayment so that the debt ceiling can be raised. Regular Americans found out from the lockdowns, that they don't really need jobs. That's why they are not hiring on to jobs that are available. No jobs means no IRS taxes, which means no debt ceiling raises, which means no government loans, which means no banking cabal increases in money from the duplicate money created by the government loans. With all the illegals coming into the country, it's possible that there will be no economic ruin, because of all the new IRS taxes that will be generated by the illegals. Those poor, accepted illegals. They don't know what they got themselves into by accepting 'bribe' money to come into the US. But, they are keeping regular Americans afloat for another generation, anyway.

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