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Comment by Ed Price
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This might be a good story. After all, silver has been used for at least hundreds of years (if not thousands) as a preservative because of its ability to kill bacteria. The problem is, clicking through the links didn't take me to the "silver" story. Rather, it took me to a better one.

I couldn't get to the silver story because it was listed in the Wall Street Journal. And the WSJ wasn't going to let me see the article without subscribing. So, I didn't see the "silver" article.

Here's the better story. It might take them 20 years, but the newspapers are starting to take over the Internet. Someday all our Internet news will come through one of a handful of major news outlets, just like the 20 years ago the newspapers were it.

Don't laugh. In fact, be a little bit afraid. Internet control just might be handed off to the newspapers!

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