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Comment by Norm Nipperus
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So much for freedom and an honest political process based on principle. I wonder only a little at the twisted logical these anti-Paul Republicans try to rationalize so dishonestly. 

Comment by Ed Price
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People are looking for a king. They are looking for someone who will cure all their woes. They are looking for someone who will clean up their mistakes while, at the same time, making them well to do, if not wealthy.

Those dumbos pretty much miss the point. They pretty much miss the Ron Paul point, as usual. Nobody - least of all, Ron Paul supporters - wants him President over them. And they certainly don't want him king or dictator over them. And A WHOLE LOT LESS, any of the other candidates or potentials.

What RP supporters want is, Ron Paul Ambassador to the Constitution, on their behalf. If they wanted anything like a Dictator, it would be the Constitution, itself. And for King... God.

Those jokers who are looking for a cure-all in a President really miss the mark, don't they. But then, they are kinda good at it - missing the mark, that is - right?

Vote Ron Paul 2012. And IF HE IS NOT on the ballot, write him in. And record the event with your cell-cam if you can get away with it.

Comment by Sam Weathersby
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The enemies of Ron Paul,  the USA as founded, the Bill of Rights & the Constitution will spare no lie or chicanery  in an all out effort to preserve their big govt central planning agenda & implementation of the of Collapse The [US] System plan laid out by Cloward & Pivon . That's my opinion & I am sticking to it. Investigate Rules For Radicals as well.   This includes vote fraud. Investigate 'black box vote fraud'. Copy & paste the term in a search. Also go to At the bottom of their long home page is a site search box. Enter the term in that box as well. Devvy Kidd has written extensively on vote fraud, as have others at NWV.   SamFox


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