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Comment by PureTrust
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Don't worry about the radiation!

All that aluminum and barium in the chemtrails that Government has been spraying over these last few years, was designed for just an incident like this. Low-gamma radiation will be reflected and refracted by the metal particles, and simply broken down... reduced to simple, harmless heat.

The real question is, was the whole Japan thing created? Does the military have an advanced form of the Tesla earthquake machine? Was the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004 just a practice run... along with the few others of recent years? What part does H.A.A.R.P play in all this?

Back in the early 1900s, a gradually expanding economic squeeze could be placed upon Japan to bring her more and more under U.S. and world control. The resulting Pearl Harbor incident was foreseen and even planed for by Government... just to have a real excuse to bring Japan under control.

Things have changed. The controls have weakened. Japanese finance, economy and technology are again resisting the controls set by big world powers. And another Pearl Harbor and WWIII just wouldn't be practical... or desirable... at this time.

But we don't have to worry about Japan any longer, now, do we? Tsunami events - orchestrated or not - have made Japan to be an economic world threat no longer.

By the way. There isn't any real global warming. If there were, some other way would have been found to break down the nuclear power plant radiation... rather than converting it into simple, harmless heat.

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