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Linda Bentley

Every trick in the book except murder (so far) and a fortune in legal expenses have been used to avoid addressing the crucial matter of Obama's ineligibility to be president.  The accumulated mountain of evidence against Obama is overwhelming now.

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Comment by PAT WOOD
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HELLLL-OOO!! "..except murder..." ? Tell THAT to the grandmother that (silently to the public), suddenly, mysteriously (and conveniently) DIED, AFTER making the public statement that OBY was really born in Kenia... Can any one say "damage control"?

Comment by Lola Flores
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I'm impressed by the over-zealosy and activism of the Right Wing nutjobs when it comes to prove that Obama isn't a US-born citizen.  Surely, if he was a white fundy, would y'all be going thru all of this pitiful display of hate & bigotry and wasting such resources on something as stupid as this? gives a flying fuck?  Where the hell were y'all good, patriotic, dedicated, concerned Americans when George Bush was stealing the elections, wiping his ass with the Constitution and sticking it to us all up the ass without Vaseline, eh?


Don't be such fucking hypocrites and get a life! 



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