Barnaul Ammo Review: Russia's WWII Battle Buddy

Written by Sam Jacobs Subject: Gun Rights

Barnaul ammunition is one of Russia's greatest contributions to shooters around the world. Perhaps you've never heard of Barnaul ammo because it isn't something we see in the U.S. often. But it's likely you've heard of Brown Bear, Golden Bear, and Silver Bear. All of these are made in the Barnaul ammo plant in Altai Krai, Russia.

The company is known for producing reliable and affordable small-arms ammunition. However, here in the U.S., we'd ideally only use Barnaul ammo for stockpiling and target practice. You won't see any polymer tip ammo or specially designed self-defense cartridges coming from Barnaul.

Unfortunately, similar to most Russian ammo these days, Barnaul is a bit challenging to track down. If you'd like to know more about Barnaul ammo, keep reading!

Is Barnaul Ammo Any Good?

If your burning question about Barnaul is, "Is the ammo any good?" we can give you the facts. If you're looking for match-grade accuracy, then you'll want to look at something like Hornady or Federal, as Barnaul isn't known for giving you tiny, sub-MOA groups.

But if you're looking for relatively low-cost steel cased FMJ ammo available in multiple calibers that works well with most semi-auto firearms, then Barnaul ammo is worth a solid look. The company specializes in FMJ rounds, which are typically used for target practice, and a lot of folks stockpile them because they're inexpensive.

Since modern shooters want non-corrosive ammunition that they can buy in 500-round cases (or more) to save money, Barnaul has picked up that banner and ran with it.

All of Barnaul's ammo is lacquer coated steel cases with sealed Berdan primers. This ammo is designed to withstand harsh elements and is ideal for purchasing in large quantities for any disaster or SHTF situation.

Furthermore, the company makes rifle, handgun, and .410 gauge shotgun ammunition, which appeals to many different shooting activities. They carry some of the most popular calibers that we use in the States today. So, if you want to keep a growing stock of FMJBTs (Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail) ammo on hand, Barnaul is a good route.

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