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Hornady Full Boar 223 Review: Hog-Stopping Ammunition

Written by Sam Jacobs Subject: Gun Rights

Despite Full Boar Ammunition being named Ammo of the Year by France's largest hunting magazine, Connaissance de la Chasse, in 2018, it would be discontinued a few short years later.

Was it because of the performance, lack of interest, or a combination of things?

You're about to find out in this Hornady Full Boar review!

Throw on some camo, grab your hog hunting rifle, and let's get after 'em.

Hornady Full Boar Overview

Hornady Ammunition is the world's largest independently owned maker of gunsmithing tools, bullets, rimfire, handgun, and rifle ammunition, based in Grand Island, Nebraska.

Hornady bullets are a favorite of many handloaders for reloading because they're consistently accurate. Its factory-loaded ammo is often comparable to handloads due to the stringent standards Hornady sets for itself.

Since Hornady was founded in 1949, it's driven innovation in bullet technology, so it's no surprise that Hornady Full Boar Ammo was created.

Hornady Full Boar Ammunition was created for hog hunting, giving hunters deep penetration and 95% weight retention on thick-skinned and tough-boned animals like hogs using GMX bullets.

GMX Full Boar utilized a monolithic, copper alloy bullet available in various calibers and was designed to work in precision rifles, ARs, and other semi-autos. It was approved for use in California and other locations, restricting lead bullets.

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