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Hyperbolic Blather on Nazified Ukraine "Moving Toward Victory"

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Hyperbolic Blather on Nazified Ukraine "Moving Toward Victory"

by Stephen Lendman

In daily propaganda addresses, puppet Zelensky reads or paraphrases remarks scripted for him to recite by his US master.

Over time, he's grown more out-of-touch with reality and delusional — while ignoring reality on the ground in Ukraine and Donbass.

Once again defying reality, Ukrainians and himself on Wednesday, he trampled on truth and full disclosure by falsely claiming that regime troops are moving ahead "toward victory (sic)."

And what he falsely called "stabilization measures" instituted in Kharkov areas temporarily taken by regime troops are worlds apart from his deception.

Known or suspected Russian supporters are being rounded up, detained, terrorized and either imprisoned or murdered in cold blood — despite posing no threat to anyone.

The notion that things reached a turning point over the past week ignored that areas temporarily retaken by regime troops have no strategic value.

Separately in Ukraine, while remarks by regime officials most often turn reality on its head or otherwise distort it, what Kiev's armed forces chief, General Valeriy Zaluzhny, said in early July explained how Russian military superiority devastated Ukrainian troops.

Admitting that 76,640 regime soldiers perished from late February to around midyear, the true total to date most likely is close to or around double this human toll.

Along with numbers of wounded, including many seriously, the toll to date on regime troops is likely around 250,000.

With numbers captured, deserted or MIA, perhaps it's 350,000 in little over six-and-a-half months of combat.

In stark contrast, Russian losses of forces, weapons, munitions and equipment have been minimal because most frontline combat is fought by Donbass freedom fighters — heavily supported by Russian airpower, artillery, missiles and rockets.

Because of this overpowering support, attrition in the ranks of Donbass forces is likely around one-tenth of Ukrainian casualties.

Aided by NATO co-conspirators, hegemon USA has been orchestrating and directing Kiev's combat operations since the Obama/Biden regime's 2014 coup transformated Ukraine into a Nazified one-party police state.

Dominant Biden regime hardliners and their NATO counterparts don't give a hoot how many Ukrainians perish or are maimed for life by loss of limbs in combat for a lost cause.

Their focus is solely on using Ukraine's territory and near-1,500 mile-long land and sea border with Russia as a staging ground for strikes on its motherland, forces and noncombatants.

Daily propaganda rubbish by US/Western regimes, colonized Ukraine and their MSM press agents, suppress reality on the ground.

The vast majority of Ukrainian troops are forcibly conscripted, poorly trained and rushed to front line positions as expendable cannon fodder.

In his latest commentary, analyst Larry Johnson noted that regime forces "p(aid) a terrible price" for temporarily taking over Kharkov areas of no strategic value.

At the same time, Kiev troops show "no ability to target Russian airfields and artillery emplacements."

"Russia has the capability to continue to strike exposed Ukrainian troops in the field" with devastating force.

And what's going on is at a time of accelerating US/European economic decline.

Instead of focusing on ways to turn things around when most needed by constructive use of national resources, the US, UK, Germany, France and other European regimes prioritize funding of Nazified Ukraine to perpetuate endless war on Russia — while ignoring increasingly dire homeland conditions.

And no matter how many more billions of dollars worth of weapons, munitions, equipment and other aid thrown at Nazified Ukraine, reality on the ground won't change.

Largely self-sufficient Russia has staying power.

Sooner or later, Kiev's military will either collapse from exhaustion, the loss of a generation of its youths, a cutback of Western aid, or halting it by European countries, giving pause to hegemon USA about going it alone to sustain a regime too zombified to revive in the short-or-intermediate term.