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Bad Fiction Substitutes for Indisputable Facts

Written by Subject: MEDIA (MainStreamMedia - aka MSM)

Bad Fiction Substitutes for Indisputable Facts

by Stephen Lendman

On all things Russia and Ukraine, the former substitutes for the latter throughout MSM fake news reports — notably by the self-styled newspaper of record NYT.

A glaring example is featured in its latest state-approved propaganda edition — beginning-to-end rubbish, falling well short of bad fiction.

Falsely claiming that Nazified Ukraine "scored big successes" defied reality by ignoring how overpowering Russian military superiority virtually destroyed the regime's ability to defeat Chicago's police force.

Throughout Russia's liberating SMO, Ukrainian troops have been on their back foot in retreat.

When few and far between counteroffensives were attempted, Russian forces smashed them in short order, causing large-scale casualties and elimination of their weapons.

With control of Ukrainian airspace and offshore waters, regime aerial or naval activities are routed when attempted.

On Monday, a Russian Defense Ministry source explained the following:

"The entire qualified operating personnel of Ukraine's former air force — of Mig-29, Su-27 and Su-25 aircraft — have been practically eliminated by effective actions of the Russian Aerospace Forces and (its) air defense systems," adding:

Kiev's use of poorly trained pilots for combat action caused "catastrophic losses among the remnants of Ukrainian aviation."

Regime attempts to recruit pilots from Poland and other countries virtually failed.

"The few who agreed are already in graves or hospitals."

And this Times trash:

"(T)he death toll on both sides is high (sic)." 

Ukrainian casualties reached catastrophic levels for the regime and its US/Western patrons.

Russian casualties are a small fraction of what its forces inflicted on Kiev troops — notably by eliminating the vast majority of its best trained and armed Nazi thugs.

Fabricated US estimates of "up to 80,000 Russian troops killed or wounded" are fabricated propaganda rubbish. 

The regime is bleeding hundreds of troops daily, on some days up around 1,000 over a 24-hour period.

On average daily, Ukrainian casualties number up to around 500 killed, many more wounded.

In stark contrast, Ukrainian strikes on Russian forces pale in comparison to their daily blitzkrieg— what's decimating large numbers of Kiev troops daily.

Survivors continue abandoning front line positions and weapons to avoid death or disabling injuries.

And while Russian air defenses destroy most incoming Ukrainian missiles, rockets and shells, the regime has nothing comparable in effectiveness.

Nor does Kiev and its US/Western patrons have any defense against Russian hypersonic missiles.

And this Times trash:

Regime "ingenuity (sic)…lies in stark contrast to the slow, plodding, doctrinal nature of the Russian advance (sic)."

Along front line positions, there's no ambiguity about Russian overpowering and tactical superiority over outgunned, outflanked, outwitted Ukrainian troops — consistently on their back foot in retreat.

Virtually all attempted Ukrainian strikes on Russian territory were either thwarted or amounted to inconsequential pinpricks — accomplishing nothing strategic at any time throughout Russia's SMO.

No Ukrainian "craftiness" exists as Times fake news claimed, no ability of the regime "to exploit (so-called) knowledge" of the terrain.

Nor did it mount what Times fake news falsely called "increasingly aggressive military tactics (to) disrupt Russian supply lines and (otherwise) counter" its forces (sic).

Overpowering and tactical superiority of Russian forces have been evident since day-one of its liberating SMO.

Direct involvement of Pentagon and CIA elements on the ground — what includes providing of intelligence and operating weapons too sophisticated for poorly trained regime troops to do on their own — accomplished nothing strategic or halted Russian advances.

No push back of their forces occurred anywhere since the SMO began 6 months ago.

Claims otherwise by the regime, its US/Western handlers and MSM press agents — like the Times — are fake news rubbish whenever hyperventilated.