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Testing, Tracing and Jabbing to Destroy Health and Freedom

Written by Subject: Tyranny

Testing, Tracing and Jabbing to Destroy Health and Freedom

by Stephen Lendman

Illinois Rep. Bobby Rush calls access to and preserving of quality healthcare for all "a top priority for" on his agenda.

At the same time, he defied science and the rule of law by urging his constituents to be jabbed with experimental, inadequately developed kill shots designed to destroy what he called a priority to protect.

He can't have things both ways.

Notably last year with 71 undemocratic Dem co-sponsors (and one Republican), he introduced HR 6666: (Flu/Covid) Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act.

Referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, the measure died as in a previous Congress.

It called for throwing $100 billion down a black hole in handouts "to faith-based organizations, clinics, medical centers, and other organizations (to) perform testing…tracing," and other draconian actions as part of a diabolical plot by empowered Dems to destroy public health and freedom.

Rush defied reality by falsely claiming that testing, tracing and mass-jabbing is the "formula for vanquishing" a SARS-CoV-2 virus that doesn't exist, adding:

"Until a critical mass of the population" has been jabbed, draconian "tracing and testing" should be prioritized, he disturbingly said.

Time and again when government is empowered to control our lives on the dubious claim of serving the public interest, what follows inflicts harm, nothing beneficial.

Though efforts to get the Trace Act enacted failed, it's likely to surface ahead in similar form, perhaps renamed.

The measure flagrantly breaches international and constitutional law that requires all things health related to be voluntary, nothing mandatory, nothing coercive, nothing enacted into law in breach of international and constitutional protections.

Based on the legal, moral and ethical principle of informed consent, individuals alone have exclusive rights over what health related protocols to accept or reject.

Notably on all things flu/covid, especially about experimental/hazardous to health jabs, informed and voluntary consent are inviolable — according to the rule of law no congressional legislation can legally override.

If passed by Congress and signed by the White House imposter, enforcing it would be a dagger in the heart of already greatly eroded personal liberty.

The trace act has nothing to do with protecting and preserving health as falsely claimed.

It has everything to do with advancing tyrannical rule in the country more than already.

Abusing power beyond actions already taken would clearly follow.

Greater medical tyranny and intrusion into our lives would take a giant leap forward.

Constitutional rights of bodily integrity as well as voluntary and informed consent would be breached.

Multiple constitutional amendments would be violated, including the 1st, 5th, 8th, 9th and 14th.

Trace Act language provides US dark forces with wide latitude to interpret provisions in ways to more greatly destroy health and freedom than already.

It provides testing, tracing and jabbing police with power to do all of the above in our private residences.

What might require voluntary consent to the above at first could shift to the draconian alternative.

Worrisome as well is what new draconian measures US dark forces intend to roll out.

What diabolical actions will proceed them for use as pretexts for congressional passage and enactment into law?

The worst is likely ahead without awakening to reality of enough people to know we've be scammed with intent to destroy our health and freedom.

That's the diabolical plan without mass-refusal at last to no longer put up with what no one should tolerate.