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The NYT Lying Machine on the Illegitimate US/Turkish Agreement on Syria

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The NYT Lying Machine on the Illegitimate US/Turkish Agreement on Syria

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

Turkey's Erdogan with US officials Pence and Pompeo agreed to unlawfully carve up and control parts of the Syrian Arab Republic — a flagrant international law breach.

Both ruling regimes agreed to continue violating Syrian sovereignty, territorial integrity, and fundamental rights of its people in pursuit of their imperial aims.

Their deal assures continued US-led aggression in parts of the country, notably in Idlib province, largely controlled by US-supported al-Nusra terrorists — heavily armed with US, other Western, Israeli and Turkish weapons.

The Times never forgave Trump for triumphing over media darling Hillary, inventing reasons to bash him relentlessly, no matter what he does or doesn't do — ignoring his highest of high crimes, ones the self-styled newspaper of record supports.

Following Thursday's US/Turkish agreement, the Times ignored its flagrant breach of international law, instead falsely saying:

"The Turkish president got what he wanted — as did Russia and Iran, (a) victory over Donald Trump," adding:

He "withdr(ew) American troops from Syria without consulting any aides, experts or allies, and without any warning to America's Kurdish comrades in arms…"

Fact: Kurdish YPG "comrades in arms" betrayed Syrian sovereign rights by allying with Washington's imperial aims against them, along with pretending to combat the scourge of ISIS created and supported by the US.

Fact: Never throughout years of war since early 2011 did the Times explain that it's all about US aims to transform Syria into a client state, wanting pro-Western puppet rule replacing overwhelmingly popular Assad.

Fact: Naked aggression defines endless US-orchestrated war in Syria, using ISIS and other jihadists as Pentagon/CIA foot soldiers, supported by US-led NATO terror-bombing, massacring countless thousands of civilians, causing vast destruction — hard truths the Times suppressed throughout the war.

The broadsheet's shame never surprises, falsely calling Bashar al-Assad a "mass murderer" one of its countless Big Lies, ignoring hard truths about US aggression in Syria and other theaters — supporting what demands condemnation and accountability.

Pretending concern for Kurdish fighters is further Times deception, the broadsheet contemptuous of fundamental rights for ordinary people everywhere, supporting privileged interests exclusively.

According to the Times, agreeing on illegally carving up Syrian territory by US and Turkish officials Thursday was "urgent (Pence/Pompeo) damage control."

Both figures are over-the-top warmongering extremists, complicit in the Trump regime's high crimes of war and against humanity in Syria and elsewhere — along with economic terrorism on Iran and Venezuela.

What lies ahead following Thursday's US/Turkish deal remains very much uncertain.

Nothing agreed on benefits Syrian sovereignty or the rights of its long-suffering people, victims of US aggression.

What's most important to report and explain, the Times suppresses — featuring rubbish instead.

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