Yemeni Houthis Seek Peace, Trump and Saudi Regimes Pursue Endless War

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Yemeni Houthis Seek Peace, Trump and Saudi Regimes Pursue Endless War

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)

Run by dark forces, the US is a warrior state, an imperial state, an anti-democratic police state, a one-party state with two right wings, a terrorist state waging war on humanity at home and abroad.

Yemen is Washington's war, the Saudis a junior partner, buying billions of dollars of US weapons, using them to terror-bomb Yemeni hospitals, schools, residential areas, and other US selected targets, along with terrorizing their own people.

Houthi fighters are a force to be reckoned with. With technology obtained from abroad, they developed sophisticated missiles, rockets, (jet-powered) drones, and other weapons on their own — able to strike strategic Saudi targets most everywhere in the country, proved time and again by their successes.

As long as Saudi terror-bombing continues as directed by Washington, Houthis will retaliate in self-defense, their legal right under international law.

They've shown their ability to penetrate porous Saudi defenses, vowing to inflict greater punishment on the kingdom if its aggression on Yemen continues.

On Friday, Houthi political chief Mahdi al-Mashat announced a unilateral ceasefire against Saudi targets — provided Riyadh reciprocates in kind, a good faith effort to end fighting, a statement saying:

"We declare ceasing to target the Saudi Arabian territory with military drones, ballistic missiles and all other forms of weapons, and we wait for a reciprocal move from them…We reserve the right to respond if they fail to reciprocate positively to this initiative."

AMN News reported that the "kingdom offered them a peace deal." It's unclear whether real or a Saudi deception, the latter most likely.

Continued Saudi terror-bombing followed previous Houthi peace overtures, this time its offer likely to be another futile good faith gesture.

RT reported that the Houthis said they chose "dozens of (UAE) targets that would be attacked by drones unless Abu Dhabi ceases its participation in the Yemen war."

A statement by Houthi spokesman General Yahya Saria said: "The UAE should stop its participation in the aggression if it wants to protect its glass skyscrapers."

On Friday, Saudi warplanes terror-bombed the strategic port city of Hodeidah, the main entry point for what humanitarian aid is able to enter Yemen.

US/Saudi blockade prevents most of what's desperately needed from reaching long-suffering Yemenis, leaving countless millions malnourished, many perishing from starvation and untreated diseases, young children and the elderly harmed most.

On Friday, the Saudis said they bombed the city, falsely claiming "(t)he strikes were carried out in accordance with the international humanitarian law" — what the US, Riyadh, and their imperial partners ignored throughout years of endless fighting.

Houthi official Mohamad Abd al-Salam denounced the Saudi attack on Hodeidah, tweeting:

"Intense airstrikes on (the city are) a dangerous escalation that could end the Sweden (ceasefire) agreement, so let the coalition bear the consequences of this escalation."

On Friday, the US war department said it's briefing Trump on a "broad range of military options" against Iran, including a list of potential targets in the country.

At the same time, it warned of possible full-scale war with Tehran if Trump goes this far. Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif, a well-respected, cool-headed, soft-spoken diplomat warned of this outcome if US aggression is launched against his country.

Stressing Iran wants peace, not war, he said "we won't blink to defend our territory."

Separately on Friday, Trump regime war secretary Mark Esper falsely accused Iran of "increas(ing) its military activity through direct attacks…in the region (sic)." 

He turned truth on its head, claiming "Iran has threatened the safe passage of ships by attacking commercial vessels and illegally seizing a British oil tanker (sic)" — reinventing reality.

He falsely said "Iran is perpetuating war by providing sustained financial support and advanced weapons to the Houthi insurgency (sic)."

Nonbelligerent Iran is the region's leading peace and stability proponent. Throughout its 40-year history, it never preemptively attacked another nation, threatening none now — except in self-defense if attacked, its legal right under international law.

Esper ignored US wars of aggression in multiple theaters against nations at peace with their neighbors, threatening none — at the same time falsely saying "Iranian aggression (that doesn't exist and never did) continues to increase."

Claiming "great restraint" shown by the US and its allies, a gross perversion of reality, he repeated the phony claim of Iranian responsibility for attacking Saudi oil facilities — despite no evidence suggesting it, adding:

The Trump regime "approved the deployment of" additional US forces to the region. It will "accelerate the delivery of military equipment to the" Saudis and UAE.

"(W)e have many other military options available should they be necessary."

Together with Esper, Joint Chiefs chairman General Joseph Dunford said "a moderate deployment" to the region is coming — with no elaboration on specific numbers or types of US forces.

Asked if it means hundreds, not thousands, he said "(t)hat's fair to say, not thousands." The Pentagon already has tens of thousands of forces and heavy weapons in the Middle East.

A few hundred more will be a symbolic move only, not a strategic one. Saudi Arabia is the leading foreign buyer of US heavy and other weapons.

Further deliveries will likely be what they already ordered and paid for. Supplying further air defense systems won't likely enhance what proved to be porous.

Esper and Dunford declined to discuss US regional operational details.

Will Trump escalate illegal US war on Iran by other means to something hot? Will he risk boiling over the region more than already?

Does he understand that Iran will respond strongly to US aggression if ordered, risking significant numbers of US casualties?

Will he jeopardize his chance for reelection by launching what could become the most counterproductive US war since the Vietnam era — ending in a humiliating Washington defeat?

Will he risk transforming regional war into a global conflict if Russia, China, or other nations seek to protect their Middle East interests?

Will cool heads in Washington prevail over raging hawks?

The fullness of time will explain what's unclear so far.

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