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Rape of Yemen Escalates

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Rape of Yemen Escalates

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

US imperial viciousness is what the rape and destruction of Yemen is all about - begun by Bush/Cheney drone terror-bombing, escalated by Obama, continued by Trump, waged largely by despotic Saudis and UAE forces.

An entire population is at risk, the death and injury toll already many multiples greater than the official UN falsified numbers.

The Hodeideh Red Sea port city is Yemen's sole lifeline for humanitarian aid, amounts supplied woefully inadequate.

On Wednesday, Saudi and allied forces began a major assault to take the city in response to Houthi fighters refusal to pull out - clearly OK'd by the Trump regime, complicit with Riyadh, wanting Yemen entirely blockaded, Houthi freedom fighters defeated, no matter the human cost.

Hodeideh is home to around 400,000 Yemenis. The death and injury toll will likely be horrendous if fighting rages in the city for any length of time, along with Saudi terror-bombing, indiscriminately massacring civilians.

UN and ICRC staff pulled out ahead of the impending assault. The Trump and UK Tory regimes are Riyadh/UAE's main suppliers of weapons and munitions, including banned cluster bombs, sarin gas and other CWs.

Ahead of the assault, the UN warned about potentially hundreds of thousands of casualties. Aid agencies said attacking the city would be disastrous - jeopardizing countless lives, along with halting delivery of vital humanitarian aid.

Yemen is US-orchestrated aggression waged largely by the Saudi and UAE regimes. A White House statement turned truth on its head, claiming the US "has been clear and consistent that we will not support actions that destroy key infrastructure or that are likely to exacerbate the dire humanitarian situation that has expanded in this stalemated conflict."

Wherever America shows up, mass slaughter, horrendous destruction, and appalling human misery follow - in all its war theaters since two global wars to end further conflicts.

Endless US wars of aggression rage against sovereign independent nations threatening no one, other countries on its target list, part of its longterm aim for global hegemony.

The death, injury, and serious illness toll in Yemen alone likely numbers in the hundreds of thousands - from war, related violence, preventable diseases gone untreated, starvation, and overall appalling deprivation.

Most Yemenis lack essentials to life, including nutritious food, potable water, and medical care -  endless war in its 4th year and blockade causing enormous human suffering.

According Islamic Relief's Jaffer Baobaid based in Hodeideh, conditions in the city already are "devastating." Assaulting it will have "immediate humanitarian consequences."

People in the city and throughout Yemen are "dying of starvation." If Hodeideh falls, the death toll could skyrocket.

Mercy Corps Yemen director Abdikadir Mohamud said aid deliveries through Hodeideh already slowed before assaulting the city began.

Aid agencies left. Drivers won't deliver supplies there. It's too dangerous.

US special forces operate covertly in Yemen, aiding Saudi/UAE aggression, complicit in their war crimes. The Pentagon earlier, lied claiming US operations are limited to intelligence sharing and logistical support. American forces are up to their ears in combat.

A previous article explained they're also involved with a network of UAE-run torture prisons.

Department of Defense officials lied claiming US forces are involved in interrogations of Yemeni detainees, not torture or other human rights abuses.

Trump regime-orchestrated rape and destruction of Yemen continues. Potential genocide haunts the country.

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